Massophysiotherapy: what is it and what kind of massages are performed

Massophysiotherapy: what is it and why is it good for the body

When on vacation it is essential to relax and for those wanting to take care of their body, there is a treatment at the Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa at Forte Village, an oasis of wellbeing immersed in the beautiful tropical garden where you can regain the balance between mind and body with a treatment called Massotherapy.

Massotherapy is a therapeutic practice, the name comes from the union of the Greek word “masso” which means to model with your hands, and therapy in the sense of cure and healing.

It consist in a series of massages by a professional, the massotherapist, with a means of reducing muscular or articulation pain so to restore mind and body.

The first information on Massotherapy dates back to more than two thousand years ago and the benefits of the treatment have been described by Hippocrates , exponent of medicine who wrote: “a medic must know many things, and he certainly needs to know how to massage”.

There are written and illustrated documentations of this practice belonging to traditional Chinese medicine and also belonging to Ayurveda, showing how massages were used to alleviate pain in the patient and help reach a balance between mind and body.

The positive effects of Massotherapy have been found in Egyptian medical scripts, Persian and Japanese, meanwhile for emperor Cesar, the massage represented the best remedy against migraines and neuralgia of which he suffered.

During the Middle Ages, when the spiritual importance prevailed, the massage was considered a sin because it was connected to bodily pleasure.

Only in 1500 the practice was rediscovered by French doctor Ambroise Paré and in XIX Pehr Henrik Ling, Swedish doctor and physiotherapist, elaborated a treatment divided in four parts: pedagogic, medical, military and aesthetic. The Tuina on the other hand is a cinese manuscript for the cure of the body which the doctor will discover during his travels after graduation in 1797.

Massophysiotherapy as we know it today was studied in 1813 in Stockholm in the first faculty which introduced massages into the education program and spread the knowledge in western civilization.

The therapeutic power of the treatment today is common to sportsmen medication, vascular, rheumatologic, aesthetic and for rehabilitation.

Massophysiotherapy: what do the various types of massage consist in:

In the same way thalassotherapy and cromotherapy have ancient roots, Massophysiotherapy was used a very long time ago and its benefits where not considered to be both curative and magical.

To massage or friction a painful area of the body is more or less a daily action, almost instinctive, especially if we think about the various positions we put ourselves in throughout the day provoking pain in our muscles or joints.

But this does not mean that we are all capable of manipulating our bodies so to loosen our muscles, therefore it is always better to go to a massophysiotherapist to reduce or eliminate pain and relieve the neuron-muscular-skeletal structure of our body.

A Massophysiotherapist knows many techniques, the performance and purpose of each treatment therefore can make use of a specific massage for the patient.

Let’s see them together and discover what each therapeutic massage consists of: 

Effleurage: this massage is done with soft, slow and homogeneous friction on the body area of concern, if necessary some rapid movements to heat the tissue. The massage can be superficial or deep and while the first has a relaxing effect and is needed to stimulate circulation and regenerate the skin, the second is used to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation.

Pétrissage: this massage is performed with transversal movements and torsion, the massophysiotherapist relieves and pinches small areas of the skin. The intensity can vary in relation to the desired effect and also in this case the massage can be superficial or deep. The superficial Pétrissage is used for eliminating toxins and relaxing the muscles, the deep Pétrissage is focused on stimulating muscular contraction and defibrillating actions.

Friction: the movements in this massage are brief, oval or circular and the pressure in the area of interest is performed with finger tips. The friction eliminate toxins and have a relaxing effect, therefore it conditions the psychophysical wellbeing of the patient.

Percussion: percussions are small, rapid taps performed with the sides of the hands, fingers or cupped hands. It is an energetic and stimulating massage that helps normalize the muscle tone.

Vibrations: this massage is distinguished by small movements, energetic and rapid with the palms of the hands, useful for relaxing the muscles and stimulating circulation.

Massophysiotherapy: the massages to try at Forte Village

At Forte Village the splendid massophysiotherapeutic massages are inspired by the philosophy of holistic medicine and help the body and mind regain harmony and serenity. Taking care of oneself, pampering the body and liberating the mind from tiredness can be achieved at the Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa with aromatherapy, a four hand massage with honey and salt, shiatsu or the couples massage at the Spa suite Acquaforte.

Aromatherapy: this is a relaxing massage with specific perfumes which are used according to the guests needs. Ideal for eliminating insomnia and stress.

Four hand massage: the massage is performed by two therapist using warm perfumed oils to help the body regain energy and lightness. The treatment stimulates circulation and tones the muscles.

Massage with honey and salt: the massage adds to the smooth honey the energy of salt and essential oils so to purify the skin.

Shiatsu: is a Japanese technique elaborated during the VI century and help release tension and energize the entire body.

Spa Suite Acquaforte: a splendid suite within the Spa at Forte Village welcomes anyone wanting to have a unique experience, where you can enjoy a bath with rose petals, a beauty treatment and a romantic couples massage.

Would you like to immersed in the beauty of the Sardinia sea and have an unforgettable vacation in a true paradise full of wellness, relax and flavor? Discover Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.


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