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Easter vacation: 10 suggestions to get away from stress and regenerate

Easter vacations: ten words of advice for getting away and relaxing

Summer seems so far away, but Easter holidays are just around the corner, therefore why not take advantage of the first rays of spring sun and allow yourself to have a break away from routine stress of daily life?

Easter holidays are the perfect moment for organizing a trip. In 2020, Easter falls on Sunday 12 April and Easter Monday on 13 April, simply add a few days holiday and enjoy a relaxing break. Or take a break over the Labour Day, 1st May.
There are as many types of vacations as there are travelers, meaning for some the Easter holidays are an opportunity to rest and forget about stress, for others they are the ideal occasion for setting off to discover cultures and new wines and gastronomical traditions of the chosen destination.
Whichever your desire, Sardinia is the answer to all your questions, on this marvelous island you can relax on a white-sand beach embraces by crystal clear water, enjoy sports like trekking, exploring uncontaminated nature and discover the ancient pastoral recipes or the fish-based ones.

The moment has come to pack your bags and leave, but before you must read our ten suggestions to enjoy your Easter vacation without stress.

10 suggestions for an Easter vacation without stress: how to regenerate

What better occasion than the Easter vacations to give yourself a break and relax? City of art, wonderful villages, culture, history, wine, food and nature, Sardinia is the perfect destination for any sort of trip you have in mind, and with the arrival of the first warm sun, it will be easy to transform your dreams into reality.

Forget about your daily routine, lower the volume and the speed of your thoughts, follow our ten suggestions and have an Easter holiday without stress.

  • Breakfast in bed: open your windows and start your day with a breathtaking view. The sea with a thousand colors, a sailboat in the distance, a light breeze caressing your cheek and a colorful basket of fruit waiting for you. Breakfast in your room, or from the beautiful buffet, is a special moment that can put you in a good mood, a feeling that will accompany you throughout the day. The quality of your environment is very important, for example, a suite with a sea view is nourishing for the eyes.
  • Relaxing at the Spa: detoxing your organism and liberating your mind while you let yourself wind down by the sound of running water and the intense fragrances of the spa, this is how to forget about stress and regain your wellbeing, transform your Easter holidays in a regenerating experience. Within the spa enjoy Thalassotherapy, massages with Ayurvedic oils, an aesthetic medical center, Massotherapy, yoga and special environments like the Spa suite or the private Spa, where you can have intimate moments with your partner, true paradise!
  • Lunch & Dinner: during routine days work appointments and family commitments can be a source of stress. Forget about buying groceries and prepare lunch and dinner, let the resort restaurants prepare unforgettable dining experiences.

For you to truly be regenerated, it’s important to consider the quality of your meals and what diet we choose to follow. It’s not necessary to renounce flavor to have a balanced diet when on vacation some treats are obligatory. This is why the dishes prepared with care by Michelin starred chefs like Enrico Cerea, Vivek Singh, Carlo Cracco or Massimiliano Mascia, have just that little something extra which we should allow ourselves to savor in order to reach a much desired psychophysical wellbeing.

  • Sports Activities: the idea of relaxing can vary depending on the person, some people prefer spending time in the spa, some just can’t give up their physical training and those who choose to engage in tennis, football or soccer, rugby, basketball or perhaps trekking. Doing sport is important, on vacation can choose something different than what we can do every day. Meeting athletes like Dominik Hrbatý for playing tennis, Ettore Messina for basketball, Katie Louise Richardson-Walsh and Helen Richardson-Walsh for hockey, Julianna Revesz for fencing and many more, would make your vacation truly unique.
  • Space for children: school, afternoon courses, and homework make spending quality time with your children quite difficult, and to complicate things even more, mothers and fathers have to work and attend their daily routine. Vacations are the right moment to dedicate yourself to your family without stress or rush, and you can choose activities for children which parents will also enjoy. Luckily knowing what all children most wish for isn’t so difficult: go to a Waterpark to happily splash around, constantly surveilled by a specialized staff, play football with the players of their dreams or have a real girl sized Barbie House. This would mean making children truly happy.
  • Fun: how many times do we think to ourselves we would like to go to the theatre or concert of a particular artist we think is so interesting? But something is always holding us back: exhaustion, to much work, too many commitments. The Easter holidays are the perfect moment for having fun and not have to take a rain check.
  • Local Traditions: organizing a vacation can be a time for discovery, immersing oneself in local traditions like that of Sa Pasca Manna, the ancient Easter celebration in Cagliari in the oldest district of the city.
  • Festivals: you can also relax sitting at a table during your vacation and enjoy the local festivals, a fun experience where you can discover the culinary traditions of your chosen destination. Sheep’s milk cheese is an example of the Sardinian inland traditions, also carasau bread, fish dishes, and delicious sweets like seadas or white and red wines and the liquors, for example, the famous Mirto.
  • Excursions and tours: there are so many things one can do on vacation to relax not only the body but also the mind. For example discovering the unspoiled nature or having a tour around a town to discover the secrets and legends like those of the Sella del Diavolo or an extraordinary building like the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta di Cagliari which treasures a precious reliquary: the Sacra Spina, a thorn from the crown of Jesus.
  • Protected marine area: nothing can calm the spirit as much as the sea, Easter could be the ideal moment for visiting a protected marine area, zones of incredible beauty and cultural and historical value, home to the marvelous pink flamingos.

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