Shiatsu massage: what it is and its benefits

Shiatsu massage: the ancient Japanese technique to rediscover well-being Taking care of your psychophysical well-being is important, and shiatsu massage is one way to reduce the side effects of stress and regain inner balance. The word Shiatsu comes from the union between the two terms shi, meaning "finger", and Atsu, meaning "pressure", a practice widespread in Japan since the sixth century and aims to stimulate the process of self-healing of the individual ...

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Ayurveda: what is it and how it is practiced

Ayurveda: brief history of traditional Indian medicine In Sanskrit Ayurveda means “science of life knowledge” and includes all principles of traditional Indian medicine. It was practiced thousands of years ago in India and focuses on reestablishing and maintaining psychophysical health. The word Ayurveda is formed by ayur, the length of life or longevity, and veda, revealed knowledge. It origins are unsure but are strongly connected to Indian mythology. In fact, according to legend, ...

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How to reduce stress: 10 effective tips

How to reduce stress: what are stressors, and what are the symptoms Holidays are the best moment to take care of your well-being and learn how to relieve stress. "Stress" is a term introduced in biology by physiologist Walter Bradford Cannon, is the physiological response of the organism to situations, events or tasks, of an emotional, cognitive or social nature, perceived as excessive or dangerous. In 1936 the Austrian-Canadian doctor Hans Selye named ...

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What is Cryosauna, what is the purpose and what are the benefits

Cryosauna: all you need to know about the therapy with cold Taking care of your health includes: sleeping well, eating balanced meals, regular physical activity, even if moderate, and allowing yourself wellness treatments like a relaxing massage with Ayurvedic oils or a session in the cryosauna. The Cryosauna is also known as the cryocabin or cryo-chamber, it's a device to perform systematic cryotherapy treatments which involve exposing the body to temperatures between ...

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Detox: 10 benefits of a detoxifying diet for the body

Detox: what to eat and what foods to avoid The detox diet allows you to lose weight in a few days and helps to dispose of the accumulation of toxins, improving the processes of detoxification and purification of the body. Detox routes, unlike other diets, have a short duration of three, five or seven days. The goal is to eliminate all those substances harmful to health that are introduced into the body ...

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Anti-aging, how does it work: treatment properties and secrets

Anti-aging: what is needed and what are the objectives of this new medical science The term anti-aging refers to a type of medicine that doesn’t aim at having a longer life but having a better one. Anti-aging is a medical science that makes use of advanced scientific technologies and new knowledge in the genetic and pharmacological field. It can improve the quality of life by discovering, preventing, treating, and slowing down the ...

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Aromatherapy: what it is and what are its benefits

Aromatherapy: a brief history of the holistic discipline Aromatherapy is an ancient discipline that fits into the field of phytotherapy or the practice that makes use of plants or plant extracts so to help an individual regain energy and psychophysical well-being. Aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted with a particular process, which takes the name of steam distillation and allows the essential oil to be separated from the water. Another method is cold-pressing ...

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Meditation: definition, how to begin and why it’s good for the mind

Meditation: origin and the eight best-known techniques Meditation is ideal for stimulating psychophysical well-being in an increasingly frenetic and hyper-connected world where it's easy to give in to stress. The word Meditation comes from the Latin term meaning "reflection", it indicates a set of practices focused on relaxing the mind and helping the individual to acquire self-awareness. Meditation is as old as man and comes from the main religious traditions and Eastern philosophical ...

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