Antonello Arrus, the Sardinian head chef at the Belvedere restaurant

Antonello Arrus, head chef at the Belvedere restaurant. Forte Village is the perfect destination for those wanting a vacation surrounded by unspoiled nature, wellbeing treatments like those available at Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa, a temple of relaxation, and original dishes prepared by the best national and international chefs such as Antonello Arrus. When one speaks of gourmet cuisine Antonello Arrus name is bound to enter the conversation, Michelin starred and the Executive ...

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Chef Alessandro Cocco

When going on the perfect vacation we don’t only take what is necessary for our travels, we take with us the dream of soft white sand beaches, the hope to discover beautiful new places, to have relaxing wellness treatments and of course treat ourselves to delicious gourmet cooking like that of Alessandro Cocco. At Forte Village in Sardinia, Alessandro Cocco is a member of the resort's team of top Italian and ...

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colazione gianluca fusto

Gianluca Fusto: biography, confectionary and recipes

Gianluca Fusto: author of the Gourmet confectionary A dream vacation at Forte Village has the perfume of uncontaminated nature and the sweet flavor of unforgettable pastries at the pasticceria. Wellbeing of the body and mind is brought also by the gastronomical discoveries at Forte Village, the variety of food reflects the latest trends and the sweet flavors created by a great maître pâtissier. Experimentation, innovation and tradition come from a mixture of professionalism, ...

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secondi di pesce vivek singh

Fish Main courses: at the Forte Village, the Indian touch of Vivek Singh

Vivek Singh, the soul of the starred restaurant Cinnamon Club and author of some of the most famous cookbooks, is a chef who reinterprets the tradition of Indian cuisine in a modern key inspired by ancient recipes, bringing the dishes "beyond authenticity" as for example the fish dish he proposes on his menu for the guests of Forte Village. In the tradition of Italian cuisine, fish main courses are among the ...

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chef rocco iannone

Rocco Iannone: Summer recipe at Forte Village

Rocco Iannone: the head chef at Forte Gourmet restaurant “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well” said the great English writer Virginia Woolf, however there is no fear of this for the guests of Forte Village since the arrival of Forte Gourmet restaurant run by chef Rocco Iannone. Among the national and international celebrity chefs at the resort there is Rocco Iannone, best known ...

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Alessandro Breda: the Michelin starred chef at Gellius

Alessandro Breda: the Michelin starred chef at Gellius Summertime is synonymous with holidays which discover unspoiled nature, transparent blue sea and astounding beaches like those of Sardinia. This season is also the perfect moment to try new flavors and enjoy the gourmet cuisine of Alessandro Breda. Alessandro Breda is one of the most acclaimed personalities in the Italian culinary scene and with his restaurant Gellius, in Oderzo, in the province of Treviso, ...

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Terry Giacomello: Michelin starred celebrity chef at Forte Village

Terry Giacomello: the Michelin starred chef at Forte Village A vacation surrounded by uncontaminated nature and dedicated to sunshine, blue sea and wellbeing treatments, must not lack the satisfaction of discovering new flavours, especilly those proposed to the guests at Forte Village from the 1st to the third of September by the Michelin starred chef, Terry Giacomello. Under thenight stars at Forte Village in Sardinia, you will find other kinds of stars: ...

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theodor falser chef stellati

Theodor Falser: Michelin starred chef and gourmet recipes at Forte Village

Theodor Falser: the South Tyrolean chef comes to Forte Village Food should be a sensorial journey through new flavors and aromas, this journey can commence at Forte Village with Indian cuisine by Vivek Singh, the creativity of Heinz Beck and the culinary art by Theodore Falser who visited the resort on the 28th, 29th and 30th of August. In summertime the marvelous stars cover the sky over Forte Village while below you ...

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