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Football: the story of the most famous sport in the world

Football: the story behind the oldest game in the world Football is the most common, loved and played sport in the world, it has about 4 billion fans spanning every nationality and an incredible business around it. This sport is among the most ancient and its popularity is still in continuous growth. Football has the biggest number of championships in the world and there are some legendary footballers and teams which have ...

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Ironman Triathlon: the first edition of IRONMAN® 70.3® Sardinia Forte Village, the multi prized resort in Santa Margherita di Pula in the province of Cagliari, will be hosting the Ironman Triathlon, the most important circuit of the world Triathlon which will be in Sardinia for the very first time. The news was spread on the 10th of December 2019 by the IRONMAN Group, Wanda Sports Group society. Surrounded by the marvelous Sardinian ...

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Snorkeling: 10 secrets for having an unforgettable experience

Snorkeling: the water sport that reveals all the beauty on the seafloor Snorkeling, and also diving, are among the most fascinating water sports, perfect for those wanting to keep in shape and discover the beauty of the sea floor which includes incredible red corals and the Posidonia Oceania fields which are characteristic of the underwater landscapes in Sardinia. “An incredible world awaits under the sea surface, made of fascinating creatures, of marvelous ...

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Chess rules: everything you need to know to play

Chess rules: why playing chess is good for your health Children dream of many different things: some want to become water sport champions, some hope to one day to wear the shirt of a famous soccer team like the Chelsea Football Club, and some want to learn the secrets and rules of chess to be able to challenge great masters like Karpov. Sport is good for the health of both the mind ...

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diving in sardinia

Diving in Sardinia: 10 reasons to choose this island

Diving in Sardinia: all the magic of diving at Forte Village There are some people who really can’t give up their physical activity when they are on vacation. Diving in Sardinia is one of the best water sports for adults who want to maintain their physical shape and for children wanting to jump in to the crystalline sea surrounding Forte Village, the award-winning Resort in Santa Margherita di Pula, province of ...

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allegri al forte village

Allegri: The manager that made history in soccer at Forte Village

Forte Village is the perfect place for a vacation aimed at wellbeing and privacy, mister Massimiliano Allegri knows very well. When the number one Italian soccer manager wishes to get away from the benches, he chooses this amazing resort in the south of Sardinia, surrounded by untouched countryside and an incredible crystalline sea. Children during the Forte Village vacation can enjoy the Chelsea Football Academy, among them perhaps there is the next ...

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Fabian Cancellara: the bike Academy at Forte Village

Fabian Cancellara: the champion nicknamed Spartacus comes to Forte Village The famous cyclist Fabian Cancellara will take you around Sardinia, with a mountain or racing bike, immersed in new territories and uncontaminated nature. Young people and adults can do sport during their vacation at Forte Village with our famous Swiss cyclist Fabian Cancellara. Riding a bike is extremely beneficial for the body and it guarantees physical and mental health. Riding a bicycle is ...

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Watersports: All the activities at the Boat House of Forte Village

Water sports: to practice water-sports on holiday by the sea at Forte Village is an unforgettable experience that allows both adults and children to challenge themselves and practice sport in a unique location, the place where the sport is a synonym for well-being and fun. The Boat House on the beach of Forte Village is a paradise of water-sports, where enthusiasts can choose among many different ways to sail the beautiful ...

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