Anatoly Karpov: story of one of the most famous chess players in the world

Anatoly Karpov: debut of the young Russian chess player Anatoly Karpov is much more than a simple chess player, he is truly a legend in the chess world. Karpov is now teaching children at the Chess Academy at Forte Village Resort, but his career began in the 70s when Russia was still named USSR. Every sport has a story, secrets and its own champions, when talking about chess it’s impossible not ...

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Paddle tennis: rules for you to play the game of the moment

Padel tennis: characteristics of a dynamic sport full of enthusiasm Padel tennis is similar to tennis, squash or racquetball. It's the ideal sport for anyone wanting to stay in shape and have fun with their friends. This discipline makes use of a racquet and a ball but it's the field that distinguishes it: a 10 metre wide and 20-metre long rectangle with a net in the middle and four walls enclosing the ...

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Basketball: rules and secrets of one of the most loved sports in the world

Basketball: the story behind one of the most famous team sports "Basketball is the only sport aiming to the sky. For this reason, it's revolutionary for those used to constantly looking at the ground". Said former Boston Celtics basketball player William Felton "Bill" Russell, NBA captain who won many titles (with a team and in absolute), and is among the 50 best players in 50 years of the NBA. Basketball is a ...

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Freestyle Football: sports legend Marcel Gurk will be a guest for the first time at Forte Village

Freestyle Football: the acrobatic discipline descending from football For some, a vacation is the synonym of relaxing and tranquillity, meanwhile, for others, it represents an occasion to practice their favourite sport and discover new ones like freestyle football. Freestyle football unites the art of acrobatic dribbling with adequate physical preparation, creativity and imagination. This sport is a mixture of football techniques with dancing and circus abilities with a touch of athletic capacities ...

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Football: the story of the most famous sport in the world

Football: the story behind the oldest game in the world Football is the most common, loved and played sport in the world, it has about 4 billion fans spanning every nationality and an incredible business around it. This sport is among the most ancient and its popularity is still in continuous growth. Football has the biggest number of championships in the world and there are some legendary footballers and teams which have ...

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Ironman Triathlon: the first edition of IRONMAN® 70.3® Sardinia Forte Village, the multi prized resort in Santa Margherita di Pula in the province of Cagliari, will be hosting the Ironman Triathlon, the most important circuit of the world Triathlon which will be in Sardinia for the very first time. The news was spread on the 10th of December 2019 by the IRONMAN Group, Wanda Sports Group society. Surrounded by the marvelous Sardinian ...

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Snorkeling: 10 secrets for having an unforgettable experience

Snorkeling: the water sport that reveals all the beauty on the seafloor Snorkeling, and also diving, are among the most fascinating water sports, perfect for those wanting to keep in shape and discover the beauty of the sea floor which includes incredible red corals and the Posidonia Oceania fields which are characteristic of the underwater landscapes in Sardinia. “An incredible world awaits under the sea surface, made of fascinating creatures, of marvelous ...

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Chess rules: everything you need to know to play

Chess rules: why playing chess is good for your health Children dream of many different things: some want to become water sport champions, some hope to one day to wear the shirt of a famous soccer team like the Chelsea Football Club, and some want to learn the secrets and rules of chess to be able to challenge great masters like Karpov. Sport is good for the health of both the mind ...

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