Boxing: origins and benefits of the noble art

Boxing: the story behind one of the oldest combat disciplines Boxing is one of the oldest combat sports in history and takes place within a square space called the ring. We can observe the figures of people fighting with closed fists in the prehistoric graffiti from the third millennium B.C, now kept in the British Museum of London, while a sculpture found in Thebes, in Egypt, dating back to 1350 B.C ...

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Golf: everything you need to know to get started

Golf: a fascinating sport with controversial origins Elegance and precision are the two main features of golf, a sport of which origins are still shrouded in mystery and discussed by historians. The most widely accepted theory is that golf was invented in Scotland, where it is exceedingly popular and of great tradition, so much it was elected national sport. It seems that in the northern end of the island of Great Britain, ...

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Table tennis: history and characteristics of a sport for everyone

Table tennis: origins and evolutions of table tennis Table tennis, popularly known as ping pong, is one of the most popular sports in the world and is suitable for all ages, it has also been an Olympic speciality since 1988 and can be played in restricted areas, both indoors and outdoors, but equipped and spacious indoor areas are required for competitive practice. Table tennis, just like tennis, comes from the ancient French ...

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Tennis: 10 benefits of this sport for kids

Tennis: the story of a sport loved all over the world Holidays for adults are an occasion to relax, for children, on the other hand, a holiday is an opportunity to dedicate time to new passions, make new friends, or practice outdoor sports like tennis. The Forte Village, an award-winning resort surrounded by the beautiful Sardinian sea, has its own Tennis Academy by Head. The origin of tennis dates back to the ...

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Anatoly Karpov: story of one of the most famous chess players in the world

Anatoly Karpov: debut of the young Russian chess player Anatoly Karpov is much more than a simple chess player, he is truly a legend in the chess world. Karpov is now teaching children at the Chess Academy at Forte Village Resort, but his career began in the 70s when Russia was still named USSR. Every sport has a story, secrets and its own champions, when talking about chess it’s impossible not ...

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Paddle tennis: rules for you to play the game of the moment

Padel tennis: characteristics of a dynamic sport full of enthusiasm Padel tennis is similar to tennis, squash or racquetball. It's the ideal sport for anyone wanting to stay in shape and have fun with their friends. This discipline makes use of a racquet and a ball but it's the field that distinguishes it: a 10 metre wide and 20-metre long rectangle with a net in the middle and four walls enclosing the ...

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Basketball: rules and secrets of one of the most loved sports in the world

Basketball: the story behind one of the most famous team sports "Basketball is the only sport aiming to the sky. For this reason, it's revolutionary for those used to constantly looking at the ground". Said former Boston Celtics basketball player William Felton "Bill" Russell, NBA captain who won many titles (with a team and in absolute), and is among the 50 best players in 50 years of the NBA. Basketball is a ...

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Sailing: 10 reasons for choosing Sardinia

Vacations sailing: why give up mooring and sailing away Waking up with the sound of the waves and opening your eyes every morning in a different place, having a vacation on a boat in Sardinia is the ideal for everyone wanting to switch off and have a relaxing trip, far away from chaos and crowded beaches. The crystal clear blue water embracing the soft white sand have allowed Sardinia to earn its ...

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