Castles in southern Sardinia: the five most important ones

Castles in southern Sardinia: the charm and elegance of ancient homes The castles in the south of Sardinia were built over the centuries mainly for strategic reasons and for defence. They are now places that evoke intriguing stories connected to families, traditions, mystery and nobility. Positioned on hilltops, on high spurs of rock, on headlands overlooking the beautiful Sardinian sea and surrounded by the scents of unspoilt nature and landscapes of ancient ...

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Sardinian Coral: the red gold of the Mediterranean Sea

Sardinian Coral: characteristics, uses and properties The splendid sea of Sardinia is a treasure chest that holds countless riches such as the Corallium rubrum, or red coral, an octorall of the Coralliidae family widespread in the Mediterranean and the Eastern Atlantic. In general, it grows up to 200 meters in depth, in poorly lit places and with poor vegetation. The Sardinian coral has a bright red or pink colour and creates branched ...

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Tuerredda Beach: everything you need to know about one of the most beautiful beaches of the island

Tuerredda Beach: a natural jewel in the heart of Southern Sardinia The beach of Tuerredda is in a beautiful inlet between Capo Malfatano and Capo Spartivento and not far from Chia, in the Teulada area and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia for its clear fine sand with golden reflections and the crystalline sea water with shades ranging from blue and emerald green to deep blue. The enchanting ...

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Porto Flavia: a “window into the sea” in the south of Sardinia

Porto Flavia: the history of a revolutionary engineering project Sardinia full of discoveries including Nora and the Archeological park of Pula representing a line separating the past with the present, and Porto Flavia a panoramic window onto the Iglesias sea. Porto Flavia is a magical place on the southwestern shore of Sardinia, a port dug into the calcareous stone and suspended between the sea and the sky. The incredible cave on the peak ...

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Blue Zone: what they are and why Sardinia is part of it

Blue Zone: why Sardinia is considered a Blue Zone Sardinia, together with the village of Loma Linda in California, the peninsula of Nicoya in Costa Rica, the island of Icaria in Greece and the island of Okinawa in Japan, is part of the so-called Blue Zone, Italian Blue Zone. The island being considered a Blue Zone, the merit doesn't go to the beautiful sea of Sardinia, but to the life expectancy here, ...

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Is Zuddas: discovering the Dolomite caves from millions of years ago

Is Zuddas: an extraordinary natural masterpiece The natural heritage defining the extraordinary landscapes of ancient Ichnussa has made Sardinia famous all over the world for its splendor. Among the many natural treasures of the island, an important place is the cave of Is Zuddas. The cave of Is Zuddas is in the southwestern part of the island, in the territory of Santadi municipality in the Lower Sulcis, southwest of Cagliari, from which ...

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Trekking Sardinia: 10 routes not to be missed

Trekking Sardinia: how to travel while respecting the environment Trekking in Sardinia is the best way to get to know the island's territory and discover the natural and archaeological wonders that form the inestimable historical, environmental and landscape heritage of ancient Ichnusa. The word 'Trekking' comes from the English verb 'to trek' and means "to walk slowly" or "to make a long journey". Trekking is a sports activity based on the idea ...

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Safety on vacation in Sardinia: summer 2020 awaits you

Sardinia has prepared some extra precautions for summer 2020 in response to the COVID-19 so to guarantee safe and relaxing vacations for everyone wanting to travel to the island. Those wanting to travel by plane or boat to Sardinia, no matter their location of departure, must register on the Region's site and fill in the appropriate form so to monitor the entrances and permanence of the visitors. Alternatively, it's possible to ...

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