Chef Andrea Berton: 2020 novelties in the kitchen

Chef Andrea Berton: Italian cuisine master at Forte Village Forte Village is home to many national and international cuisine stars. The multi-prized resort in Santa Margherita di Pula, in province of Cagliari, will be hosting innovative and creative chef Andrea Berton from the 25th to the 21st of August. Fresh, natural and free. Three words to describe the unmistakable style of chef Andrea Berton, a master of Italian cuisine. The Michelin starred chef ...

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Recipes of gourmet haute cuisine: 10 second courses

Recipes of gourmet haute cuisine: delicious signature second-course dishes Passionate devotees of national and international cuisine may prefer appetizers while some prefer creative and original first courses. Then there are those who prefer second courses like the delicious gourmet recipes offered at Forte Village Resort. Cooking is a serious matter, either at a restaurant or at home the perfect menu is made by the interaction between the inspiration of chefs and gourmet ...

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Gourmet cuisine recipes: 10 gourmet recipes by Michelin starred chefs

Gourmet cuisine recipes: creativity and tradition on the table A happy vacation is synonym of relax, wellbeing and being surrounded by unforgettable memories: the perfume of uncontaminated nature, the splendid shades of color in the crystalline water like that of the Sardinia sea and all the flavors of gourmet cuisine with recipes by some of the most important chefs of Italian and world cuisine. Original, refined and delicious gourmet recipes prepared by ...

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Paolo Simioni: the gourmet recipe by the Executive Chef at Forte Village, south Sardinia

Paolo Simioni: signature cuisine at Forte Village Resort, south Sardinia Traveling is a synonym for discovering a new world and learning about it’s traditions, beautiful nature and gourmet kitchen like that of the great chefs of national and international cuisine at Forte Village, which includes Paolo Simioni. On vacation, there are those who prefer a wellness treatment and relaxation at the Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa, and those who prefer to be active ...

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Andrea Putzu: story of the chef de cuisine at Le Dune

Putzu recipe: the chef guiding Le Dune restaurant at Forte Village Putzu recipe: the chef guiding Le Dune restaurant at Forte Village Among the memories of an unforgettable vacation are the scents of incontaminated nature, the magnificent seaside and the aromas of gourmet cuisine coming from the kitchens as great chefs create their wonderful dishes at Forte Village, especially at Le Dune with head chef Andrea Putzu. There is a long list of ...

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Giovanni Egidio Mocci: chef of Cavalieri restaurant at Forte Village

Giovanni Egidio Mocci: chef of Cavalieri restaurant at Forte Village Sardinia is the perfect destination for an unforgettable vacation, it offers unspoiled nature, long moments of relaxation on the soft white sand beach and all the aromas and flavors of gourmet cuisine prepared by great chefs which includes Giovanni Efisio Mocci, chef at the Cavalieri restaurant of the Hotel Castello at the Forte Village Resort of Santa Margherita di Pula. The wide ...

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Antonello Arrus, the Sardinian head chef at the Belvedere restaurant

Antonello Arrus, head chef at the Belvedere restaurant. Forte Village is the perfect destination for those wanting a vacation surrounded by unspoiled nature, wellbeing treatments like those available at Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa, a temple of relaxation, and original dishes prepared by the best national and international chefs such as Antonello Arrus. When one speaks of gourmet cuisine Antonello Arrus name is bound to enter the conversation, Michelin starred and the Executive ...

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Giuseppe Bissacot: head chef of the Pineta restaurant at Forte Village

When we dream of the ideal vacation, we imagine being surrounded by untouched nature, to swim in a crystal clear sea like Sardinia and to try delicious gourmet food prepared by first class chefs like Giuseppe Bissacot at the Pineta restaurant at the Forte Village Resort. Among the team of national and international chefs at the resort, there is Giuseppe Bissacot, Executive Sous Chef at the Pineta restaurant. Everyday the Pineta offers ...

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