Italia Travel Awards

Forte Village Resort wins the Italia Travel Awards 2019

Italia Travel Awards 2019: the winner is Forte Village Resort

Forte Village Resort has proven itself as the leading structure in Italian tourism and will receive yet another grand recognition on Monday 6th May during the ceremony of the Italia Travel Awards. During the “night of Oscars” in the occasion of the Italian tourism industry held in Rome at the splendid Acquario Romano, Forte Village has earned the prize as best Hotel/Village/Resort because of the preferences expresses by travelers on during the 6 months of online voting. A particularly special triumph occurring, as it does, under the eyes of press, institutions and the entire team of the Italian tourism sector.

The Italia Travel Awards is a much sought after prize, authoritative and relevant to tourism and traveling. An important recognition for all establishments that demonstrate hard work, professionalism and which manage to distinguish themselves positively within the immense panorama of Italian tourism. The important recognition awarded to Forte Village Resort is one of the many this establishment, in the south of Sardinia, has received as a natural consequence of its daily efforts, ability and dedication.

Season 2019 will be compelling for Forte Village: there are numerous novelties lined up to astonish and surprise its guests, allowing them to have a truly unique and unforgettable experience: days of wellbeing and relax at the exclusive Private Spa, unique dinners with Michelin starred chefs like Enrico Cerea and also exiting and professional experiences in the Sport Academies of the Resort offered by the best international champions.

Would you like to immersed in the beautiful Sardinian sea and have an unforgettable vacation? Discover Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.


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