“The Little Mermaid”: Sardinia is among the locations of Disney’s live-action movie

"The Little Mermaid" in Sardinia: the Disney movie set in Santa Teresa Gallura "The Little Mermaid" will swim in the blue and crystalline waters of the beautiful Sardinian sea. The live-action remake of the famous Disney animated film about Ariel, the mermaid princess fascinated by the human world, will be set on the island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. The film directed by Robert Marshall, Disney's author of the musical ...

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Film Festival: 10 must-see events in the world of cinema

Film Festival: a tribute to the seventh art Film festivals are organized all over the world, celebrating the seventh art and its undisputed ability to fascinate, seduce and show different realities that change through stories exceeding the limits of time and space. The word cinéma is the apocope of the French term cinématographe which comes from the ancient Greek kínēma, "movement", and gráphein, "writing", and thus means "writing in motion". Cinema is ...

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Marylin Monroe, an icon of style: from the new Netflix series to art exhibitions

Marylin Monroe, an icon of style: from the new Netflix series to art exhibitions Marilyn Monroe: the origins of a myth which became a legend The unforgettable and unforgotten Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic figures in history, and her unique and unmistakable style has inspired generations of women. Symbol of elegance and femininity, emblem of sensuality and beauty, the last true diva of Hollywood cinema. Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jeane ...

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Luxury shopping at Forte Village in high fashion boutiques

Luxury shopping: the evolution of shopping since ancient Greece to the present day Sardinia is the ideal destination for those dreaming of a relaxing holiday by the sea and also the right destination for luxury shopping in the high fashion boutiques of Forte Village. The English gerund of the verb to shop in Italian indicates the turn from a shop to the other to make purchases that do not include food. In ...

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MICE: Sky Suite, the new location at Forte Village for business events

MICE: the new Sky Suite at Forte Village Resort MICE activities are an excellent way to reinforce team spirit and stimulate new competences, companies organizing incentive trips focus on efficient internal communication strategies, team building and meetings in inspiring locations like the new Sky Suite at the Forte Village Resort. The number of companies looking for exclusive inspiring locations, like the Sky Suite at Forte Village, is growing. This spectacular meeting center ...

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MICE: restyling the Sala Verde at Forte Village Resort

Sala Verde: an amazing location for meetings and events in Sardinia Sardinia is the perfect destination for couples dreaming of a wedding on the beach or an unforgettable honeymoon, but the island is also the perfect destination for companies searching for exclusive meeting facilities to host high quality MICE events, such as the Sala Verde of Forte Village. There are many different factors that transform a MICE activity in to a successful ...

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MICE: the Sala dei Cristalli and congressional tourism

MICE: the news at Forte Village on congressional tourism Forte Village is known as an ideal location for an unforgettable vacation, a place to enjoy wellbeing treatments and try a myriad of different flavors of national and international cuisine. However, the resort in the South of Sardinia can also be the ideal location for MICE tourism and special events due to its numerous conference, dining and social venues such as the ...

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All the best of 2019 season: Michelin starred chefs and entertainment for children at Forte Village

There are as many types of vacation as there are types of travelers and Forte Village is ready to satisfy them all. Not just exclusive well-being treatments at the Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa, the restaurants offer national and international flavors to be discovered, sports and of course culture and the traditions of Sardinia. Let’s look at what the resort typically provides. One of a kind is the perfect expression to describe ...

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