Is Zuddas: discovering the Dolomite caves from millions of years ago

Is Zuddas: an extraordinary natural masterpiece The natural heritage defining the extraordinary landscapes of ancient Ichnussa has made Sardinia famous all over the world for its splendor. Among the many natural treasures of the island, an important place is the cave of Is Zuddas. The cave of Is Zuddas is in the southwestern part of the island, in the territory of Santadi ...

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Anatoly Karpov: story of one of the most famous chess players in the world

Anatoly Karpov: debut of the young Russian chess player Anatoly Karpov is much more than a simple chess player, he is truly a legend in the chess world. Karpov is now teaching children at the Chess Academy at Forte Village Resort, but his career began in the 70s when Russia was still named USSR. Every sport has a story, secrets and ...

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Detox: 10 benefits of a detoxifying diet for the body

Detox: what to eat and what foods to avoid The detox diet allows you to lose weight in a few days and helps to dispose of the accumulation of toxins, improving the processes of detoxification and purification of the body. Detox routes, unlike other diets, have a short duration of three, five or seven days. The goal is to eliminate all those ...

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Chef Andrea Berton: 2020 novelties in the kitchen

Chef Andrea Berton: Italian cuisine master at Forte Village Forte Village is home to many national and international cuisine stars. The multi-prized resort in Santa Margherita di Pula, in province of Cagliari, will be hosting innovative and creative chef Andrea Berton from the 25th to the 21st of August. Fresh, natural and free. Three words to describe the unmistakable style of chef ...

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Anti-aging, how does it work: treatment properties and secrets

Anti-aging: what is needed and what are the objectives of this new medical science The term anti-aging refers to a type of medicine that doesn’t aim at having a longer life but having a better one. Anti-aging is a medical science that makes use of advanced scientific technologies and new knowledge in the genetic and pharmacological field. It can improve the quality ...

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Aromatherapy: what it is and what are its benefits

Aromatherapy: a brief history of the holistic discipline Aromatherapy is an ancient discipline that fits into the field of phytotherapy or the practice that makes use of plants or plant extracts so to help an individual regain energy and psychophysical well-being. Aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted with a particular process, which takes the name of steam distillation and allows the essential oil ...

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Romantic getaway: 10 reasons to choose Forte Village

Romantic getaway: what to avoid Choosing the right destination for a romantic getaway is crucial if you don’t want to run the risk of being single once you get home. To find the right place for the perfect holiday matching both partner’s desires and needs can be a difficult task. Forte Village is the award-winning resort in Santa Margherita di Pula in ...

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Paddle tennis: rules for you to play the game of the moment

Padel tennis: characteristics of a dynamic sport full of enthusiasm Padel tennis is similar to tennis, squash or racquetball. It's the ideal sport for anyone wanting to stay in shape and have fun with their friends. This discipline makes use of a racquet and a ball but it's the field that distinguishes it: a 10 metre wide and 20-metre long rectangle with ...

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